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WordPress Version Checker

Want to check the versions of Multiple WordPress sites on your server, in one shot? At this stage I have only done a cPanel version.

I’ve combined the use of one script into identifying the out-of-date versions of WordPress only into a result such as:

root@server:# /scripts/wp-version
Account mitchatkb is running 4.5.3 - OUT OF DATE

The script identifies the cPanel accounts using out-of-date WordPress Versions. In the above example mitchatkb is using an out-of-date version.


  • cPanel Version – HERE

Last Updated: 3rd of October 2016

SSH to get commands onto the Server

You can copy the contents of the below and it will do everything for you

cd /scripts/
tar -xvf wp-version.tar.gz
chown root:root wp-version
chown root:root wp-version-scan
chown root:root wpupdatescan
chmod +x wp-version
chmod +x wp-version-scan
chmod +x wpupdatescan

Once you have this, you can run the below as an SSH command


Changes Log

  • v1 – Original
    • Base start